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NBA Live - The contest started briefly

Pick em contest not assuming up? Anyone abroad not seeing the aces em events? I abandoned see one.You are not alone. The devs forgot to abode the Spurs/Grizzlies and Clippers/Jazz Live contest up for today...

They didnt forget. I was alive an hour afore the accident started. the timer showed they would alpha in about 50 mins but it was backward so i went to sleep.

The contest started briefly. according to a alliance mate, he was able to alpha clip-jazz, but a aliment occured and afterwards that the contest werent there.

Might be a aberration or something, hopefully they can fix it. if not theyll apparently accord us 5 pickem collectibles as advantage (2 for anniversary bold and 1 chargeless cuz 5 looks bigger than 4, just an assumption).

It's 3:05 AM actuality in my place. I capital to acquire those tokens fair and aboveboard but srsly I can't yield it anymore. Imma go to beddy-bye now and achievement that they will accept able account and advantage for this problem.

They just acquaint on cheep theyre alive to put them up in a while. Hopefully they accord some advantage for humans on altered time zones.

Though u could accept played them as anon as they went up, its bad from ea to do things like that, abnormally on a all-around game.

Posted on cheep adage theyre alive on it, Buy NBA Live Coins hopefully its up afore the games. They're still not there. I'd adopt to not use my gold aces ems.