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Jul-12-2018 Categories: news

Hi, I am an admin for the "NBA LIVE DREW LEAGUE" club on Xbox. The Drew Alliance is breadth humans who ambition to attempt with the best NBA Live players on Xbox appear together. Leagues are run all year about to acme the absolute best.

We conduct ourselves in a able sports address & would like this to be a abode authority name for aggressive Live.

Currently the FINAL division of NBA Live 18 is appointed to yield abode on the 15th. As of now we acquire a annual of teams recruiting in alertness for aperture night. We ambition to do a 5V5 alliance but currently acquire abundant to alpha a 3V3 league.

Teams as of backward include:










These teams acquire captains & are searching to ample rosters. We still allegation added teams so anyone absent to captain should accompany the club & hit up Blane215 on Xbox.

Drew Alliance Ruleset:

July 15 - August 10th Approved Season

-3V3 (or 5v5 depends how abounding register)

-30 games, chargeless schedule

-MUST abrasion NBA aggregation accouterment (light = HOME, aphotic = AWAY)

-Teams acquire to acquire a captain that plays the abounding season.

-5 min - 7 max amateur rosters

-Regular division = best of 5

-Playoffs = best of 7

-Teams play anniversary added twice

-Captains or CO's abide wins, acquire to acquire all 3/4 adequate screenshots

-Matches ONLY restart if a abstract happens afore a aggregation has 4

-NO Alley oops bold winners

-Players abide highlights for awards & s/o's.

All captains who play the division out automatically get a atom for the countdown NBA Live 19 Alliance season.

Don't just play for fun, play to be the one. With over 1,800 associates & growing. The Drew Alliance is back!

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