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May-15-2017 Categories: news

I accept some advancement to accomplish the adventurous added astute and amazing!

1. Add added TIME or MINUTES in Division Games, like we can accept in the settings for how continued will the division be (e.g., 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 12 minutes)

2. Accomplish the acme of the players adapted for archetype Giannis Antetokounmpo is a 6'11 guy but he's abandoned 6'9 in the game.

3. ATTRIBUTES. some gold players are way bigger than some aristocratic players in the adventurous or an 88 all-embracing amateur is bigger than a 93 all-embracing player! c'mon EA!

4. Add the stats of the players every game, (e.g., Points, Assist, Rebound, Steal, Block)

5. Add PRACTICE MODE. so we can convenance or try new players we bought.

6. Add added rules in the game! (e.g., 8-second Violation, Goaltending, Three in the Key)

7. Add added uniforms of our aggregation like we can buy uniforms of our authorization team.

8. Add some buttons (e.g., "Pick" button, "Double Team" button, or "Foul" button)

9. Add added animations.

10. Accomplish the STAMINA "50" at max level. so that we can do added Live events.

11. Accomplish the amateur added detailed!!!!! PLEASE.

Thank you and apologetic for my grammar! Accept a nice day ahead!

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