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NBA Live - Predictions for the two QM sets

Predictions for the two Quarterfinals Master sets? For me it's -

West: Kawhi Leonard

East: LeBron James or John Wall

Thoughts? Does anyone apperceive if there are released?

I would say Green and Wall. I bet they will save Kawhii, LeBron, Harden and so on for after stages. As there is a huge adventitious for Cavs to be acceptable east and I dont anticipate they ambition the masters to repete.

Don't beddy-bye on Harden! He has a top adventitious as Spurs could able-bodied go to the WCF. I'm acquisitive for Kawhi. Do we anticipate it will be apart tomorrow?

Most acceptable Wall in the east because he's basically putting up 30 and 10. In the West it's harder not to accord it to Harden. I just achievement it's either a SB or SHT point guard.

West Draymond Green East Isaiah Thomas...I accept a lot of achievement in an IT card, but it's absurd accustomed his 93 agenda accustomed out before. wouldnt be bad admitting accustomed the way he's played in the bosom of everything.

West: Kawhi, Harden, and Hayward (Before anyone argues adjoin Hayward he averaged 28/8/4 on 48/46/96 cutting for the series.)

East: Wall (I can't see anyone abroad accepting it)

Demar Derozan I anticipate has a acceptable adventitious as able-bodied he in fact came up NBA Live Coins from those 2 Milwaukee losses and performed so well.