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Aug-10-2018 Categories: news

What's up guys. I'm afresh a newcomer to the bold (have been arena for majority of my activity 2k), and its candidly an amazing bold with untempt potential. Thus, I plan on advance in NBA Live 19 instead of 2k.

I accompany this up because, a lot of my accompany are acrimonious it up now, and I dont wish you guys (Devs) to become exhausted from authoritative a artefact to your abounding capabilities.

I affiance you guys and gals, that 2k has been actual cruel to its community, and it's acceptable ridiculous.

I say appear out stronger and harder with advertisements. Let humans apperceive that NBA Live is still even around. The mechanics are absolutely able (in it's own way) with accessory bugs and what not.

Invest addition 5 years into this bold hard, and it will activate to be account while. I apperceive I am one person, and me affairs one bold vs. addition dosent beggarly annihilation to the bigger picture... but I'm absolution you guys apperceive you accept me aboard the train. 100% accurate on my behalf.

I would like to maybe alpha animate NBA Live 18 to try and get some affectionate up fizz up every now and afresh (after I get accustomed with everything). With his accepting said, break strong.

Like I said, humans are switching over, but there isnt any connected advertisements or "big" to get anyone's attention. To let humans apperceive the bold is still around.

No answerability to you guys, but their should not be a acumen why the abandoned Live accident I've anytime played, is still 39 canicule long.

Anywhoosel, all-embracing acceptable game. I'm just afraid that with it accepting clay cheap, you guys adeptness activate to "half-ass" it, and just let it ride out. I accept in you guys.

My classmates and I acclimated to accumulate up at my home afterwards school, and play the backward 90s Lives. Bulls, Sonics, Jazz and Lakers were the a lot of accepted picks.

Each of these teams, had 2-3 acceptable shooters and a shitty centermost (excluding Shaq) and our matches were about 3pt contests. Lots of bets, debris talking and fights were had. Acceptable times.

This decade, I adopted 2K aback it was acutely the best basketball game, and there were abounding abhorrence belief surrounding Live.

But these endure few years, 2K has absent its chastity and l've had abundant of their airs and schemes. Endure year I switched aback to Live, and haven't looked aback since.

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