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NBA Live - One affair you can do

1,What are some able strategies for accepting blocks?

I'm aggravating to get LvL George. I've been arena with my arresting calendar and I abandoned acquire 28 blocks aback it came out.

One affair you can do it authority down the bouncer button until you're appropriate up adjoin your opponent. If the adversary posts up, bash up and authority the block button (don't let go).

Your man will adjournment until the adversary shoots the ball. This action is in fact able with TOTW Giannis because he has a top block appraisement for a PG.

Go adjoin lineups that like to drive. (Small ball... I think) cull your arresting point bouncer so hopefully they drive. Yield ascendancy of a PF or centermost with able block stats. Get a Gobert. Can't go amiss with Rudy for blocks.

2,Which Rodman should I build?

I'm debating whether to body the Big Man Rodman or Arresting Rodman If I body the Big Man one he will alter Karl Malone and leaves me with an added actor which I can buy Master Davis for my arresting calendar Or I can body the defensive calendar one and it will alter CNY Green.

Honestly if u get big man your autoplay aggregation would be ample if you anticipate about it you can get westbrook with clamp and durant clamp with a rodman douse and shaq clamp and get a mcgrady clamp would be basically simple autoplay h2h in theory.

And If you are traveling for overall, afresh get the arresting one to alter draymond. If you affliction added about stats, afresh get the big man one to alter Karl Malone.

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