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Aug-05-2017 Categories: news

Are we accepting a WNBA band up next season? With the advertisement of NBA Live for animate accepting the WNBA players in the game, do you anticipate we'll get a calendar or event?

The boilerplate acme of an WNBA amateur is 6"0 tall...So that'll be interesting.

It's aswell appealing accessible that WNBA players are beneath accomplished than nba players, NBA Live Mobile Coins but I can see EA accoutrement that up by giving them amazing stats (like they do with so abounding added players).

I anticipate they said there will be some tab to about-face to to play the WNBA lineups aback they will not be able to play adjoin NBA players.

Cheapest Brooklyn players and tips for accepting them?

I got to 50k summer cred for the bang-up badge for 97 Bernard Baron but I didn't apprehend you charge 4 Brooklyn players. They accept crazy expensive. Any tips? I accept 200k and a in fact attenuate Rodney Hood to sell.

I would just alpha cutting for the added chargeless elites and get as far as accessible as a lot of of them accept acceptable stats.

If you charge money, alpha acquirements about the bargain abode and sniping. The bargain abode is the additional bisected of the game.

My tip would be to not go for 97 king. Cheapest Brooklyn elites prices never go beneath 500k, and it's probz not a acceptable use of 2 mil.

Is anyone else's alliance 3 pointers fabricated not alteration at all even if 3s are accepting fabricated in LvL? Our 3s haven't afflicted in the accomplished 3 matchups.

I candidly dont anticipate it is accessible to get him afore the new NBA division starts.

Or the LvL administration for 90% of the community. I admiration what they will do about that.

I don't anticipate they'll do anything. They are advisedly grindable players.

This division is the absolute first, and LvL players were alien center through it. I'd apprehend next year to be better.