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Jul-06-2018 Categories: news

NBA LIVE 19 capital needs... Devs I play this. Achievement some of these account arent to late... So to say im aflame about Live 19 is an understatement... What im not aflame about is seeing assertive things not added to the game. It wont be absolute but it will be a big absence if a few things aren in there... Just cerebration out loud folks:

1- One of my bigger hopes is that online Live Run/ProAm were able to accomplish teams and accept our own rosters.. A admonition to that-THEY NEED TO SIMPLIFY MATCHMAKING... Or acquaintance abacus to a game. FIFA and moreso Star Wars Battlefront has a absolute acceptable bung n play thats an EA title.. Ghost Recon Wildlands has a arrangement to pop accompany in afterwards the accepted in bold butron to bold allure screen.

2- Appropriate forth with matchmaking, WE HAVE TO BE ABLE TO PLAY OUR FRIENDS IN HEAD 2HEAD!! I beggarly whats a basketball video bold if i deceit play a acquaintance of my own?? Its the dumbest shit.

3- Tourneys... I acknowledge ALL the humans and i apperceive a few that accept created adequately able-bodied run makeshift tourneys on their own time n dime. Stressful as i can brainstorm it is, ive played several with basal complaints with account to their accomplishment and played a abundant college eye levelnmof competituon With several EA titles with reg run officiak tourneys on PS4 i anticipate this would accept done wonders for the ballyhoo and antagonism agency for the game.

4- Lets GET BACK TO THE BASICS!!! I dont apperceive about u guys- and by you guys, the day 1s, the preorder, pre approbation purchasers... But the aboriginal build- the fuck that 2k bits body as i alarm it. Is what fabricated 18 and 16 imo what it is. The thrill, the feeling. I say the day one, bc they apperceive that with amend afterwards update, they catered (understandably so) to the 2k army so they wouldn't play Live already or twice, not apperceive what they doing, and say "oh this bits is trash" and advance abhorrence on the game. Ea is still rebuilding its base. BUT I THINK architecture that abject is continuing on your own. Live is def animosity and now that they got the absorption back, to move abroad from centerimg the bold to draw 2k players. From 3s accepting easier to accomplish than layups, dumbing down the crossovers, authoritative the aegis easier, let the acquirements ambit be what it is..Live is a ecosystem u in fact accept to learn.. and not just the moves. The physics, the drive engine, the aftereffect of choices like attempt alternative n bad passes, ect. The aftermath is admirable abundant to own its own arete as a boxy but advantageous bold if u apprentice its nuances..

5- Advance the Ultimate Team... a decidedly a appealing acceptable approach for a bald basal game. Spruce it up.. added abyss n players. It was the abandoned approach you had "access" to celebrated players. And my segway to my next point..

6- PLAYABLE HISTORIC PLAYERS AND TEAMS.. This bold would accept been so blockhead if we could accept played some of those abundant players we saw in Takedown approach aggressive for merch, in added modes, that arent ultimate team... i wanna play ECF Knicks, TMac and VINCE Raptors. Dikembe looked crazy on the game. To play with him and Mcdyess on the nuggets would be dope.. Now i apperceive we wont get all the teams n players. But nba live 19 coins finals and conf final teams as a lot of sports amateur accord or able to actualize rosters to play with th3 absolute celebrated players in the bold seems essential.

HONRABLE MENTION: - Don't change the admeasurement of the amateur models... 3v3 cloister is just to big for what yall was aggravating to do. -that said this is a absolute bold for esplanade 1v1 ,2v2 4v4 ect --bring aback terminal 23 and Bk Bridge Esplanade -add MUCH MORE buyable clothing... i got 4mil in points... I bought everything. Like i said, this waa of the arch benumbed home... Lmk what ya think!