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Apr-08-2018 Categories: news

Early December:

H2H vs. accompany (in LUT and with NBA teams)

LUT Seasons, Draft, and Champions (making LUT added like Madden's or FIFA's. If you played them, afresh you apperceive what I mean!)

Have scenarios as challenges in LUT instead of abandoned in fact played matches.

Skill-based ranked ladder tiers in 3v3 (I mentioned this in a brace of added accoutrement so I'll additional you the data unless anyone wants them).

Local Authorization address (multiple users authoritative assorted teams in the aforementioned franchise).

A amalgam amid FIFA's Pro Clubs and 2k's Pro-Am breadth there are pre-made teams, timed matches with official rules, carbon tracking, rankings, and seasons.

Don't complete us to leveling up 6 ancestry for our created player.

Roster alteration (I don't affliction abundant about this, but will acknowledgment it aback it's a accepted request).

Get rid of boodle crates for everything. Let us aces our accepted gear, but maybe accumulate allegorical and ballsy crates as exclusive, actual attenuate gear. This could be congenital into the ranked 3v3 breadth college ranked players are awarded complete gear over lower ranked players. For example, Diamonds will be awarded complete accessory over Bronze players at the end of the aggressive seasons (yes, like shooters).

Player of the Bold instead of top point scorer at the end of Live Run.

Idle cossack in Live Run.

Quit amends in H2H in both Ranked and LUT (Award the amateur that didn't abdicate with a backpack of affairs and a win in LUT and a win for Ranked. Accord the players that abdicate a loss).

Fix online adherence in H2H for both Ranked and LUT.

Finally, acquiesce us to baddest our gender for created players. It would be air-conditioned if we could accept our aisle as an NBA or WNBA superstar, afresh ALL accommodated up in the parks!

I adulation the gameplay and never change the artlessness of the controls:

Make casual smoother if accepted the brawl (it's a bit inconsistent appropriate now)

Ease up on abate breakers.

Allow us to canyon out of any attempt (sometimes can't because of animations).

A button to dive for the ball.

No cut scenes afterwards fabricated baskets in Live Run (slows the bold down).

More column moves.


Focus on amateur models, abnormally Ben Simmons and Nikola Jokic!

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