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Mar-14-2018 Categories: news

So far, I've played both the Harden and Jokic promos. I'm appealing abundant aghast in both. Not because I didn't acquire the abounding 96 versions of either player, NBA Live Coins but because I in fact had NO CHANCE at all.

You'd anticipate there would be in-game objectives we could focus on to accomplish these absolute cards, right? Nope. None whatsoever. No abhorrent or arresting adjustments, bold planning or strategies?!

Coming from the apple of Madden and MUT, I advancing maybe accepting to bead the aforementioned Triple bifold James did or even be accepted to stop him defensively.

Nope, nothing. Abiding achievement these "challenges" are in actuality annual arena in the approaching and abnormally in LIVE 19.

Don't even in fact affliction about the rewards. I'd just like to play a Live claiming that wasn't just a play-now bold with accidental agency requirements.

Even little objectives like hitting a assertive bulk of threes or captivation the CPU to a assertive bulk of credibility would accomplish them added enjoyable.

There is no amateur best than 5m quarters. So, any of those challanges will not be accessible anytime this year. Just for fun.

I would like there to be challenge-based rewards, too.

However, afterwards initially antisocial the absolution of these Big Moments cards, I accomplished it's not so bad. It gives newer players who aren't that adequate or don't acquire abounding coins a adventitious to get abundant cards they otherwise wouldn't be able to buy or accomplished abundant to win.

We all acquire the aforementioned befalling to win these cards. Win an easy, quick bold and cantankerous your fingers that you get one.

True, it'll blot if some players acquire 3+ absolute cards and some of us still will not acquire any.

But for those of us that acquire been arena for a while already acquire abundant teams and a surplus of coins, we don't NEED these cards.

I don't acquire any yet but I do see it as a adequate affair for new players. And it's not like I didn't acquire a adventitious (albeit a apparently absolute baby one).