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Sep-15-2017 Categories: news

I apperceive this isn't a huge community, but do you anticipate it would be a acceptable abstraction to get a wishlist calm for updates or appearance we'd like to see implemented?

I'll alpha just in case you guys agree:

1,Roster/Player Editor - I ambition to be able to adapt the alliance for arch to arch action.

2,Create a Amateur - cocky explanatory, I think.

3,Create a Aggregation - see above.

4,More names added to the play by play - I was aggravating to accomplish a monkey called Analytical George for The One, and was abashed that George wasn't an advantage because Paul George is a player.

Also, I don't apperceive who I'd advanced this to, so if we apperceive anyone who has ascribe for the dev aggregation for this adventurous that would be sweet.

*EDIT: also, we should be able to accept a adopted position. My maxed sized amateur gets set as a PF admitting acutely accepting a center.

I achievement anyone sees this, could could cause over on the beef nba 2k18 boards association are slamming it, those micro affairs are killing the game!

If Live just added in amateur edits and a advanced accessible actualize a amateur in one big application they could in actuality hit 2k area it hurts, I apperceive I'd buy a classic for sure.

I acclimated to be a 2k guy, but the acquisitiveness over VC dead it for me this year. Plus, I ambrosial abundant focus alone on MyCareer, and the blench is just too abundant for me now.

I would adulation for EA to yield a big block out of 2Ks wallet, which will afresh hopefully affect 2K to allocution to the NFLPA to get some licensing accord for an NFL adventurous so Madden can get some competition.

It in actuality is crazy to me how a adventurous like this doesn't accept Roster/PlayerEditor/Create-a-Player. They had a year off, what's the alibi for not accepting those features?

Assuming they are alive on this feature, can they even application something like this in afterwards release? Or would it accept to be a affection in next year's game?

If it is accessible to application it in, I abiding as hell achievement they yield advantage of all the applesauce that 2k is accepting appropriate now for its VC grab to adapt players and NBA Live Mobile Coins advance the affection out ASAP to allure added people.