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Sep-12-2017 Categories: news

Is there any amount account Guideline, something to acquire as a advertence if selling/buying players at the Auction House.

It happened assorted times that while I was cerebration to buy or not a assertive player, or while aggravating to assay his amount on the bazaar - anyone abroad would buy him... And that annoys a lot of people. One affair is with snipping, if u know absolutely what u're doing.

But in the case if aggravating to bulk out if the amount is fair and again accepting aback to buy him - he's not there anymore... Ughh... And this happens mostly to new players (as myself) that are not accustomed yet with Top/Elite player's value.

Also if affairs them... For example, the prices at AH are amid 100k-150k. I charge burning coins and affairs my amateur for 90k. And no one would buy him.

WHY?! LOL And the next day I would assay the AH and humans would be affairs the aforementioned amateur for 120k and aloft like hot cookies... Didn't this appear to u as well?

As an abstraction the prices could be based on:


The aberration of the card

Performance of the player

For example:


84-87 - up to 60k

88-90 - ...

91-94 - ...


84-87 - ...

And so on...The one on Muthead is outdated... I saw it... And it is based on the AH prices.

What I'm adage is that there should be a account or NBA Live Mobile Coins done by ... let's say Moderators or anyone that has admission to advice like the absence of the cards, maybe some added statistics.