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NBA Live Mobile - Is abhorrent about NBA Live

I don't affliction about bad teams bossing on me. That happened endure division as well. I affliction about the shitty, objevtiveless Start, laggy bold play, stats that don't matter, fucked up backbone system.

Other than the UI (NOT EVEN FOR THE GAME PLAY, JUST THE MENUS) this bold is a decline in every angle imaginable.

Why should we wish to play? What are we alive towards? There's no alliance players, adept players, annihilation added than players from diffuse Live events.

Why should we wish to be in a league, or play h2h, or play division games, if the alone way to get players is through Live events.

Can't even fucking play the bazaar with the antic requirements to even admission it and the 20% bargain tax. Not to fucking acknowledgment the endless delays there were cat-and-mouse for the new division to start.

This is in fact pathetic, and I affliction anytime arresting annihilation about it. Fuck whoever was amenable for this, I'm gonna play fifa mobile. Atleast it's in fact a accomplished game.

I dunno what's amiss with the bold developers. The way the bold works in division 1 was about perfect. They just bare to fix some bugs and glitches.

But again they wanna change everything. And they fabricated the bold from the best bold to the worst.

The alone affair they afflicted about bold play was that you can't accomplish shots for bits and 10% of the time you will get a gold disposed alarm for gold tending.

I didn't even wish to displace tbh but if they had just displace with aggregate absolutely the aforementioned it would be fine.

The absolute bold is now in apathetic motion for me on my iPhone 6. Fucking ridiculous, they accept to accept not even activated it on earlier models of phones.

Not to acknowledgment all the acutely ambagious and accidental changes to the amateur and alliance system.

Incredible how they took a fun, accepted bold (my all time admired buzz game) and angry it into bits of NBA Live Mobile Coins overnight.