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Oct-06-2017 Categories: news

I anticipate you can still get 25 seattle collectibles every 3 hours from h2h if you account 100pts. I didn't apprehension that bygone would be the endure day or NBA Live Mobile Coins abroad I in actuality would've been aggravating to complete the set that gives you 40 seattle collectibles as abundant as possible.

Yeah the contest accomplished yesterday, but the sets can still be completed if you accept the collectibles! By the way acknowledgment for the idea.

I just reread your column and noticed you were allurement for the fastest way. I don't anticipate my adjustment will be as fast as the added methods that added users accept posted, but I do anticipate it is the cheapest way to get a lot of collectibles.

You can get gold players for about 1500 each, so you're searching at beneath 400K per token, at atomic that's the fastest and cheapest(?) way I could anticipate of. Anyone has a bigger solution?

I was application this strategy, and if you accept the time to snipe, I was able to get amid 5-10 golds for 1k or beneath (each) every 5 minute reset.

Completed the 250 Golds Badge for about 100k (I already had ~130 golds stored up from accustomed grind), but it would alone yield about 250k for the accomplished set.

I accept been aggravating to amount out how to get the administration to even unlock. I don't assume to accept the low rated amateur bare to accessible them up...I assumption maybe they were accessible in beforehand contest and are no longer?

Those contest aren't apart for me. They say "go to sets," which I do, and the set requires a Jason Kidd or an 88 Bernard King, which I don't have, and i'm not abiding how to get them unless I buy them? Is that the alone way to get them now?

You get the 80 King by commutual the Brooklyn Heroes Live event. Afresh to alleviate Williams you accept to get the 91 King and complete the Chicago Heroes event.

To get Kemp you accept to get the 91 Williams and accomplishment the Seattle heroes event. And assuredly to get Carter you accept to get the 91 Kemp and accomplishment the Venice Beach Live event.

Have u apparent the timer in dr J accident ? It should accomplish it bright if it ends today or not.

That is the antecedent of the confusion. The timer for the accident ends today. The timer for the set to admission the accident ends it three weeks.