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Oct-07-2017 Categories: news

MMOGO NBA Live Mobile - Do they accept servers in Aus? Is it beneath laggy than 2k18?

Idk about anyone else, but arena online in 2k is basically abundant for me, alone because of lag. I'm absolutely accommodating jump on lath Live if it agency I can in fact accept agreeable online experience.

Hosently I don't even affliction about teammates/gameplay. I've had abundant of shitty servers, it doesn'f even feel like you're arena basketball.

From what I know, NBA Live's online is associate to peer, which agency that your affiliation will depend on your ambit to the host player. Dunno if this is bigger or worse for a guy in Australia.

As a European myself with a shitty internet connection, I can play address with added players fine. But those 3 times I've approved arch to head, I've regretted it.

Maybe they were American, that's why I had such a top latency.

My admonition to you, is to download and try the demo, and analysis out its multiplayer modes to see for yourself.

I'm in Adelaide and I'm affectionate of laggy...no jumper for me in Live accident coz of that...only layups and harder to play defence.

But it could be I don't accept NBN yet, I'm accepting it next ages according to Optus, will try then.

I've had mostly acceptable access in H2H and LUT. Live Run is about 50/50 and the Takedown contest hardly bigger than that.

I am on WiFi atm with a appealing anniversary signal, hopefully it improves already I get all active up buy NBA Live Mobile Coins.

It's laggy no amount who hosts, even if I'm the host.

My playstyle is to be agnate to play the point, pass, get assists and blast the boards, however, I'm meant to be a Hybrid Wing.