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NBA Live - Kawhi is traveling for 200k Coins

Kawhi is traveling for 200k at the moment. You could allegedly get yourself 5 or 6 84-86 OVR elites if you hit Buy Now. (In my AH, which is AH3, 84-86 OVR elites traveling for 35K Buy Now price. That's how I fabricated my calculation.)

Sell him and buy players for your lineups with that money. For how abundant do you advertise him? I anticipate I will just body a calendar about him tbh.

I would advertise him abreast to the everyman bulk that he sells for in bargain house. But you can accumulate architecture band about him if you can accomplish Coins with added methods.

Is it account to buy 84-85 rated players? I accept him and 4 golds atm.

Take screenshot of your lineups and put them here, I can advance some acceptable players then.

I bought Isaiah Thomas 85 for the big man lineup. The blow are Kawhi and 3 gold players - Evan Fournier,Dirk Nowitzki and Brook Lopez. I ambition to do this one first.

For SG get 83 Gordon Hayward, for PF get 80 Porzingis, and for C get 81 Frank Kaminsky.

I had those players in my calendar if I started and they were beasts for me.

I had 91 Drummond for a while and he was able but he got exhausted out on a lot of arresting rebounds.

Just awash him and upgraded to the new 94 Gobert and there's a BIG difference. Gobert is a collapsed out beast.

Like anyone abroad said, he's accepting cheaper by the day.

Big Man C is a bit of a dry position, but that accepting said, you're in luck! 94 OVR Rudy Gobert has been appear as allotment of the AW promo.

And if anybody grinds for their chargeless aristocratic in a brace of days, you should be able to abstract one for beneath 250k NBA Live Mobile Coins.