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NBA Live - KAT is abundantly strong

MMOgo NBA Live Coins - Best Big Man centermost for beneath 400k? Currently application Big Moments KAT.I got myself '90 Robinson, he's absurd on defense. He has all lower stats than KAT has, is it still annual the upgrade?

Honestly i don't anticipate you should alter KAT. KAT is abundantly strong, ambiguous broken. I abandoned got robinson because i was active a abject elite, but i don't affliction it one bit.

Who do you anticipate I should advancement then? I'm aggravating to get to a 90 ovr and my big man and cutting calendar are both at 88 while the others are 89-91.

Big Man

Tim Hardaway 90 ovr

TB Jamal Crawford 86 OVR

CH Paul Pierce

Balloween Bosh

Big Moments KAT


AW Curry

FF J.R Smith

TB Joe Johnson

TB Bosh

Sig Gobert

Replace FF Artisan with CH Redick, lights out shooter.I'm in fact abutting to Adept Harden, just missing Live contest :/ they are demography forerver im abandoned at 111/250.It's gonna yield two months to accomplishment the set, I acclaim you to advance in that position at the moment.

TOTW Drummond, batty rebounder and defender.He has lower stats than KAT has, still annual the upgrade?

It's all about the hidden stats, Drummond has batty airy and blocking stats, abundant college than KAT's. It all depends on your playstyle, if you use your centermost to hit midranges or on the fast breach yield KAT, if you allegation a acceptable rebounder who is able in the paint, yield Drummond.

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