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Jul-27-2017 Categories: news

Whoever came up with this new brawl ascendancy Live accident needs to be shot. I don't apperceive who the fuck anticipation it was a acceptable abstraction to not alone force you to use the game's ridiculously shitty and choosy controls but aswell alone accord you one attempt to do it. Makes in actuality no sense.

My aboriginal comment: "I've alone played this accident once, but it didn't assume too bad!" I dumped all my courage into this affair and its too harder to ascendancy my toon lol.

They fabricated it added harder with lonzo ball, the antecedent ones were too simple i guess. Atleast accord us like 3 attempts lol.

It's agnate to the one in Madden Mobile that isn't as bad (field is larger, ball-carrier is smaller, camera bend is overhead, you get assorted tries, easier to breach in the circle).

I would absorb my activity abroad - the Summer League promo is basically a huge money-grab at the moment, with this abhorrent Live accident the alone affair giving you the collectibles.

Frankly speaking. I've uninstalled Madden because of that.

I waited endure night till I had 30 courage afresh did the courage bushing from bygone so I had 60 courage this morning.

Just ashen all of it and got 2 collectables in total. Should admission chock-full afterwards the aboriginal attempt. EA is authoritative the money grab so in your face it's authoritative it harder to play the game.

And I ambition to apperceive that why is it so harder to advertise items in NBA Live Mobile?

I afresh just started arena NBA Live Mobile and I'm apprehensive if anyone abroad is accepting agitation affairs items.

I've managed to get bags of aristocratic players, gold players, aristocratic trophies, etc for in actuality bargain but everytime I put them for bargain no one anytime buys them or bids on them, even if I put it for a accustomed amount or cheap NBA Live Coins.

It's air-conditioned attenuate for me to bargain an annual and if I do it's if I put it for beneath the amount price.

It's attenuate for me to do this of advance because I admission to accomplish accumulation but this accomplished affair strikes me as odd aback the some of the youtubers I watch advertise items like nothing.

Is the bazaar asleep or something or what am I accomplishing wrong? I can accord exact prices if needed.