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NBA Live - I got a Pierce collectible

I got a Pierce collectible (sold for 850k) and a 90 TB Lin and that was about it. I was blessed abounding tho. What agenda did you pull? I anticipate this sub has a no spam policy?

How's this spam? This is a ambrosial harder backpack to get. And I haven't apparent anyone column it here. So I anticipation it'd be nice for the humans apprehensive what it would have.

It's just that the ability was kinda misleading, aback you didn't cull annihilation spectacular.

Spectacular is relative. This isn't span. I'm because authoritative aphorism #1 "Don't be a dick".

I got abundance endure week, not even one aristocratic in the massive backpack for me. This is a ambrosial boilerplate pull, right?

Nothing out of the ordinary, but that Glen rice fable collectible was decent, bigger than a Gary Payton collectible or something and I anticipate that there's a affirmed elite. Its absolutely an accomplishment to hit 100 alliance wins though.

Yeah, my league's still 6 amateur off and we're rank 999 with tournaments ambrosial abounding every day.

And I accept 10+ gold fan admired players and am borderline what to do with them. All of my lineups are all Cavs players and i'm aggravating to get the best adaptation of anniversary position/player that I can so I don't absolutely anticipate that trading them in for the aristocratic fan admired would account me at all.

Basically, should I put them in the bays set or should I barter them in for logos for the playoffs sets? What would accomplish me added money?


If you don't ambition to use them for an aristocratic afresh just adhere on to them! EA are consistently abacus new agreeable and new pullable FF elites.

I pulled a 85 FF Jr Artisan so just barter the Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins FF for an aristocratic and authority assimilate it.