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NBA Live - I approved arena the endure date again

Brooklyn Heroes can abandoned be played once?! This accident is in actuality abounding of bugs and what not. I FINALLY anesthetized the 3 pt assignment and got to the endure date (5 summer rewards).

This morning, I approved arena the endure date again, got the 21 credibility required, NBA Live Mobile Coins and there was NO REWARD!! What a decay of time and 6 energy!

Do EA apprehend humans to yield 66+ canicule to complete these drills or something?

You should apprehend the description afore accomplishing any Live event...The Brooklyn Heroes Live contest acutely accompaniment that you abandoned get the collectibles for a first-win, and the accepted XP/Coins for every win thereafter...Only you are to blame.

Yes, I should've apprehend the description but that's not the point I'm aggravating to make.. the point is that the accident lasts for 3 canicule but does not acquire any replay-ability whatsoever.

It runs for three canicule because that's how continued the Brooklyn anniversary lasts in NBA Live Mobile, afore the devs about-face the affair to a altered city, with altered fable players that will be up-for-grabs on Saturday.

The abstraction is to do it once, afresh overlook about those Live events, and to accord time to users that don't acquire that abundant of chargeless time to play this Mobile game.

EA shouldn't get a chargeless canyon on this one. It says repeatable if it isn't. It should be handled as a 4/4 like how the Daily Shootaround and TB contest are handled.

So afterwards Bernard King, we will get addition Bang-up that we can advancement the aforementioned way?

My compassionate is anniversary bang-up will be acquired through altered ways. I could be amiss though.

Do we apperceive if our Cred will displace with the new boss?

I'm abashed on how that will be handled. They've already said Bernard King all be accessible the accomplished continuance of the summer program.

So I don't see how they could displace it. Makes me admiration if they will not use cred for the best boss.

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