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NBA Live - I am a diehard Raptors fan

This summer cloister masters affairs was set up awfully in NBA Live. I am a diehard Raptors fan, and I adulation watching Vince Carter highlight reels and the '00 douse challenge over and over.

I in actuality ambition to get that Vince, but the cutting for Kemp is complete bullshit.

I ambition to just be able to go for assertive masters and not others. Why does EA ruin every acceptable promo (excluding TOTW)?

Cause they fucked it up at Bernard Baron and accomplished he was too simple to get. Now they tryna get aback at us.

I'm ashore on the 91 J-Will bullwork because I was abroad for a week. Searching ahead, that Kemp bullwork (400 collectibles!) is absurd for me.

Kemp is not in actuality that absurd to get to 91. It's harder to get Williams.

It went gradually from in actuality good, with williams and King, to bad, kemp, to affliction with VC.

Anybody in actuality aggravating to go for Dr. J?

The cutting is in actuality aids, and I already gave up on cutting White Chocolate. Too abundant cutting is gonna accomplish my academician melt.

I acquire adept baron and jwill. I'm on adept kemp and acquire 200/2500 tokens for him. And afresh I charge 1 added Venice summer aristocratic for 94 vince.

White Chocolate cutting isn't too hard, the botheration is Kemp.

I'll acquire J.Will in a brace of canicule but I haven't even accomplished 94 Kemp yet.

I ambition AI. Afresh 94 Wiliams. NBA Live Mobile Coins and afresh no added grind.

I still charge 10 elites for him. I'm currently on my way to accepting 94 Williams (I see his collectibles as the hardest to get). I'm at 88 Kemp and accepting him to 91 will be catchy but doable.