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Jul-23-2017 Categories: news

MMOGO NBA Coin Trader - I in actuality ambition the Jamal Crawford appropriate now. I accept three Seattle elites and no approved elites anymore. I accept 280K Coins and about 1000 EA cash.

I just don't see how I can get this legend. It's muy frustrating, the affidavit are just so high. I would even be accommodating to sac my Kemp bang-up appear it but you can't put the bang-up in the set.

This is candidly abandoned the additional agenda in the bold that I've REALLY capital and can't see how I'm traveling to get him.

Hes trash, I bought him and approved him out. Hes acceptable at burglary and bits at aggregate else.

My 96 kyrie in that aforementioned pos is better. I got 11 mil with not a alone ea banknote purchase. If you in actuality ambition him I would alpha sniping.

Those cards are for the ones who pay money to EA bro...It's just simple as that. Jamal Crawford 95 3 pointer.

What the faq! Its for affairs us appear affairs banknote and all that shit. I in actuality adulation Crawford a lot. I beggarly he is my a lot of favourite amateur i just adulation to watch him play but you apperceive that we can't get


I accept 1.5 actor banknote but we allegation atleast 4 actor to get him with the present bulk tag.

Smh...So let's just overlook it. I will appearance off abilities with the 86 jamal, even tho! I wont put him on my lineup.

I got 10 actor bill afterwards affairs any cash. You just accept to be acceptable at sniping. Or you accept to accept a apple of time, I blot at sniping.

Well acutely u will not be able to get the agenda with 280k bill and 1000 cash. It's 99 ovr with some brainless acceptable stats.

What did u in actuality expect? There's a simple band-aid to ur botheration and that's to get added Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins.