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Apr-26-2017 Categories: news

I accept about 35 Pick'em badges, what should I use them for? Not in fact accomplished in the bold and don't wish to decay them.

Use them on the 91 Westbrook card. I accept about 80 and I dont plan on appliance them for the next RW.

I bought the account pro backpack tokens and NBA Live Mobile Coins got some nice elites from it. in fact up to you, maybe save if u dont wish RW.

I got debris from the anniversary of pro packs. I'm at like 16/75 for the 95 Westbrook.

How'd you get to 95? The 93 set for me has three things bound still.

You can still put in the 50 and afresh alpha bushing the aces ems on the next even admitting the blow of the set is locked.

I in fact blurred his animadversion afresh lmfao. I anticipation he had accomplished the 93 set.

Nope I'm at 91 but I've abounding the 93 and on to the 95 for the pickems.

Gotchaaa. How did you get so abounding aces 'ems LOL. Just absolutely from the games?

Yeah, I've aswell accomplished all the achievements so I've got thise 26 or so. I've acclimated a few gold pickems and I've got a lot of of the pickems correct.