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NBA Live - How should I advancement my team

I've got 700k NBA Live Mobile Coins to spend. How should I advancement my team? Abnormally PG position. PG get 91 giannis because you already accept CH Redick for 3s and giannis is a complete able point guard.

Also, 91 simmons for sf goes for about 500k NBA Live Mobile Coins.

Why would you ambition 91 Simmons? His stats are acutely underwhelming.

PG get Nash, Burke or playoff moment Isaiah.

89 Joe Johnson at SF; get rid of any abject cards you have. Get 95 Steve Nash. Or 94 Kyrie Irving.

Both bulk added than 700 I think? Is the advance to gameplay cogent abundant to accreditation that banknote outlay?

Dunno abundant about Irving, But Nash is a 3pt beast. And I alone paid 600k for him 2 weeks ago.

Nash is 94 and kyrie is over 900k NBA Live Coins. In actuality forgot about that. The firs Fable Agenda Nash.

You ambition for all the lineups or just for shooting?

Two-Way: 92 TOTW Lillard or 93 AS Harden BM: 93 Playoffs Paul

All players are beneath 300k NBA Live Mobile Coins.