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NBA Live - How does Rodman play

Is it still accessible to body the Adept Rodmans? It seems like I can still body the aboriginal few, but is it accessible to even acquisition those added attenuate chickens anymore?

ALSO: how does Rodman play? I may just body the two way 90 one. Just an admonish for the 96 OVR:

Not abiding is you ambition to body him or just buy him anon in your AH.

Building him will still bulk you a affluence till now:

12x black breed <250k~300k> (Lucky if all 12 breed are bargain and available!)

50x Aristocratic <12k~15k>

20x Chickens <5k~7k>

100x Yolks <1.5k>

But for the 2W 90 OVR as you are planning to build:

He is good, but again, there are added 90+ OVR that are added cheaper than him.

I've acclimated the Two Way Rodman aback Easter. I'm advance to Kevin Adulation (about 500K) if I can acquiesce it. How did you adore Rodman? He's a acceptable rebounder and defender. Don't apprehend him to hit abounding shots.

I just congenital him yesterday...The 90 two way PF...He would bulk about 180k...other humans in that position are costly. Hasn't been able for me yet...Just okay.

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