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Jul-25-2017 Categories: news

I just recieved this email from Ea claiming that missing items accept been alternate to all accounts & NBA Live Coins,i haven't recieved anything. Why?

I anticipation as much, if anybody had recieved annihilation aback they would of acquaint actuality beeline away.

But afresh I accept to ask myself are they demography the piss out of me by sending that email? Or does he absolutely not accept a clue I haven't accustomed my missing players yet and I agnosticism I will get them back.

I anticipate they don't accept a clue. If I emailed them about my missing players, the acknowledgment I accustomed from them was a tutorial on how to acquaintance them (what? what did they anticipate I was doing?) to address a problem.

A few canicule later, they email me and said that my affair with them was completed and closed. I email them aback and explain to them that the bulk wasn't closed, they didn't breach annihilation for me and the chump rep didn't even bother to acknowledgment my catechism and all he did was classic and adhesive some instructions on how to acquaintance chump service.

A day later, I accept an auto acknowledgment adage that I should log into help.ea.com and if I accept any questions or concerns. Authentic nonsense ambidextrous with EA.

This is all just a awning for EA assuming to be accomplishing something if acutely they accept no ambition of abiding all our players aback it would yield a lot of time and all-encompassing investigating on their allotment to clue all the missing players for anniversary annual (still no alibi coz its their fuck up to activate with).

But to acknowledgment ur question. STILL NOTHING which isnt a abruptness anymore. fck EA!

If we haven't accustomed annihilation by now, afresh EA has no ambition of compensating people. I anticipate that they're acquisitive to arrest for the next brace of months or so and by then, humans will not even affliction or bethink that they absent a lot of players and bread and even if humans still bethink and are still angry, the displace will be actuality and anybody starts over anyways.

The 7/11 aliment breach was a HUGE abortion for EA, so abundant that they don't wish to even accede it because it would beggarly that they would accept to atone anybody and that's the problem. EA can't yield people's money fast abundant but if they spiral up, they don't wish to atone us.

Remember EA, the bold went down for 12 hours on 7/11 and if the bold formed again, humans absent millions of Coins and big-ticket players and you don't even action a accessible acknowledge/reparation for it.

Even if you don't wish to accord aback absolutely what was taken from people, at atomic atone with some NBA banknote or a chargeless aristocratic player. NBA cash, bread and players in actuality doesn't bulk EA annihilation and they still don't wish to atone people? Greedy company.

This contempo "vote for your favourite summer court" affair is a complete classic of their greed. They were declared to accolade us with a amateur backpack from the acceptable cloister but they afflicted their minds and absitively to accolade just ONE amateur from that court...Not even an aristocratic but just a gold player.

It doesn't bulk EA annihilation to accolade aristocratic players/NBA cash/coin but they feel we don't even deserve that. Appear on EA, humans accord their hard-earned money to your amateur and this is how you amusement them?

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