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NBA Live - EA Nerfing three pointers discussion

I don't apperceive about you guys, but my 91 Ovr Doug McDermott is H2H absent 3 advanced attainable 3 pointers and for the absolute of the accomplished division I didn't annual a individual three.It happened in all 3 of my LvL turns.

Is this accident to you guys as well? Charge suggestions on what to do.

Not alone that, but my aggregation deceit backlash tp save their lives. I charge 5 abhorrent rebounds, and its been at that for 2 weeks now. My aggregation just collapsed out wont go for rebounds period.

Been accident consistently aback I acquired the '93 TB ginobili and the fable Larry bird (shooting lineup). Neither can hit a abuse 3 to save their lives. It's bananas.

To those who are acquainted 3pt nerfing, do you aswell acquaintance all-embracing nerfing/difficulty in added aspects of LvL?

I ask because my lineups with which I just bomb 3's all day can't accomplish their threes, but aswell in all my lineups there are just canicule area I can't complete plays on both abandon of the court: can't move the ball, can't apathetic down the opponent's offense, can't accomplishment a active play at the rim.

Shit man I had Master Russ absence a clamp attempt once. It wasn't blocked, or abroad it was adapted and still fabricated its way to the hoop, but IME that just doesn't happen.

My point is I do acquaintance a accepted access in adversity and I'm analytical as to whether you all are as well, or if it's in actuality just ambit shooting.

I haven't played the bold in 2 days, but whenever I see my abecedarian missing attainable 3s that they should be making, I usually get them to shoot central the ambit for a bit.

It helps get their band aback and I can about accomplish affluence of 3s afterwards.

Likewise, acquire several players area I could hit 90% of time or more NBA Live Coins, all top 10% 3 point shooters. Now I am advantageous to hit 75-80%. It doesn't bulk area I shoot it or how attainable I am.