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NBA Live - Does anyone abroad feel like putting

Does anyone abroad feel like putting all their pickems on Steph Curry's assists vs Kyrie abetment total? I beggarly if it's repeatable...I am accepting agitation seeing Kyrie exhausted Steph. What do you guys think?

The beneath 227.5 credibility is searching appealing acceptable as well.

I put aggregate on this. These are two acceptable arresting teams. 228 would be harder to get to unless there's an OT, IMO. Bold one absolute was 204.

Not arguing the under, but the Cavs are not a acceptable arresting team. One of the affliction all season.

Here Got 500kish coins, what would you do? I would advertise you Zazas and Tristan card.

Right now is appealing abutting to their aiguille value. Use that money to advancement your golds to either abject elites (if you just ambition OVR) or a few in fact solid players.

You could body some 90+ legends or abstract a few 88-91 ambit players like Amar'e at Twoway PF or buy Tyler Hansborough a bargain 90 OVR Bigman C.

Is that randle motivator agenda account it? Is it account the 300k NBA Live Coins?

If you're talking about the ascent stars in accepted I anticipate 300k and beneath is a appropriate price. The motivators advice but those are difficult cards tonresell so accumulate that in mind.

My bad it is a ascent star. I got a bid in appropriate now on him. We shall see. I best up aboriginal annular playoff Marc gasol for 45000 and acquire arresting zaza on the block.