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NBA Live - Do they calculation those blocks though

I've been ashore at 48 for about a anniversary now. We try it out afterwards if the new tourney starts, Cheap NBA Live Coins achievement it works for me.

Do they calculation those blocks though? cuz in LvL i got abounding blocks that didnt activate the "block appraisement XX whatever" notification and those didnt calculation for any achievements.

And all the ones i blocked like that didnt get the notification (though afresh lots of blocks are not accepting it).

I gave it a try and it counted...Might accept to attending at it then, cuz if i dont see notification i dont get block counted.

Its in actuality nobody's lifetime, it has never been done by any team, ever. the best is 16-1 by the Bulls (iirc). Im gonna play it safe and use my golds today, accept 3, so will allegedly use some in the over and some for Warriors aboriginal to 80, the hardest aces for me is the rebounds today.

Though adulation has been abundant rebounding, it has mostly been cuz tt hasnt done annihilation at all, idk why but i feel like we adeptness assuredly see tt's aboriginal actualization in the finals, searching at maybe bifold chiffre rebounding, which would yield some rebounds from love. my bold time accommodation will allegedly be on that one, adeptness use the added aces to go for both though, aback u never know, they adeptness tie.

Finally, aback it can all be over tonight, gonna say acknowledgment for the amazing work! afterwards u, i allegedly wouldve had to go and attending for the stats myself (did so for the aboriginal 2-3 canicule and man it was backbreaking(and hard)) so acknowledgment for that!

Though a lot of of my decisions were cocky made, ur stats decidedly were actual accessible and i accept to accept that although i had actual altered picks from u at times, i didnt accomplish any of them afore searching at ur cavalcade (except maybe a brace who win amateur that were added of a affection aces than a academician one).

I went all in on Steph Curry assists for my added pick'ems. I'm traveling all in on Warriors aboriginal to 80 this time. I don't even apperceive what to use these on anymore afterwards I acclimated them for the 1 aristocratic finals one.

Got 80 currently.