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NBA Live - Delay for official chat from EA

Will EA displace the bold in a few months? No one knows! Is there anyone who started arena from the 15/16 season?

This is the aboriginal iteration/season of NBA Live Mobile, NBA Live Mobile Coins as it was a assiduity of the aforementioned bold that started endure Feb/March (2016), if the bold was in Beta.

I was one of those few that has played the bold aback then, and there has been no chat of a reset; but this blueprint is about identical to Madden Mobile, which has had a displace aloft every new NFL season.

My gut activity is that there will be a displace appear mid-September or mid-October, to adapt the bold so anybody starts from blemish to activate the 2017-2018 NBA Season.

Didn't you column something about a displace in September and now you ask us? So op talked bs in his endure column about the reset.

Just acquire to delay for official chat from EA. I rlly don't anticipate they would do tht, it would be messed up.

And Bro i'm from asia too. But i haven't credible em...How to do that.

If there are 2 Asian servers. Some of my opponents are called in Korean, Chinese and Japanese. I downloaded the app in the "App store" by alteration country/regions in iOS.

Can aswell download it in the Android "Play Store" by alteration countries. Alternatively, can download in apk websites as well.

Live contest in NBALM int'l are just the Accolade winners...Righty-o! Just administration the advice to the community. I play both servers at the aforementioned time. Asia adaptation is abaft by a ages in events.

What are those contest about?

Current contest are 2x banknote bonus, WEST Finals Masters (specific for anniversary aggregation banner, like the one we had in Int'l server), TDK West Brook (which had the letter "D" attribute in the Live event).