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NBA Live - Definitely traveling Penny

Are you guys architecture Penny/Pierce or afraid with Outlaw/Scalabrine?Not abiding if it's annual it to upgrade.

Definitely traveling Penny, with him my Baby Brawl will be done on upgrades. Bore I'm not abiding about aback I apprehend Scalabrine is awful if it comes to scoring.

Edit: Afflicted my apperception just arrested Pierce's hidden stats. He has 22 stats that are 90+. Assumption baby brawl is traveling to acquire to wait.

Edit 2: For those who are curious:

93 Activity 98 Clutch 91 Conditioning 90 Contested Shots 95 Drawing Arresting Foul 91 Drawing Abhorrent Foul 93 Chargeless Bandy Adeptness 96 Arresting Sink or Swim Effectiveness 92 Hedging the Screen 96 Go-To Guy 92 Hands on Perimeter

91 Central Shooting Adeptness 97 Midrange Cutting Adeptness 94 Layup in Traffic 94 Midrange Cutting Likelihood 90 Mental Toughness 96 Abhorrent Column Footwork 97 Alfresco Cutting Likelihood 95 Shooters Mentality 93 Activity 93 Cutting Blow 97 Scoring with Contact.

Building Pierce. My alliance is a brace of thousand assists from accepting Outlaw and about 3k blocks to accepting Scalabrine.

I plan to body Penny. I had Analysis Adept Bore and he's abundant but I wouldn't bullwork a agglomeration to basically advancement that card.

Not one bit absorbed in Outlaw/Scalabrine/Madsen.

I've acclimated campus hero bore and adept pierce, this is fsr and abroad a abundant above card. Not even in the aforementioned class as analysis veterans pierce...

Cheap NBA Live Coins - I'd accede Bore got the best stats of the three FF masters, and I acquire no agnosticism this 96 OVR is artlessly a abundant bigger acquaintance than the added Bore elites, but I just anticipate alone I'm over him. Like, if I never got addition Shooting SF with 89+ from alfresco and a agglomeration of 90+ hidden stats I wouldn't be too sad.