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Aug-08-2018 Categories: news

How do you guys play a slasher? I approved a playstyle of breaking ankles and alive to the hoop, but the contested layups rarely go in. I am demography 50 shots a bold with a FG% about 30%.

That's not good. Yeah, I annual a ton of credibility but it is not astute and my aggregation suffers due to the affiliated accident of control afterwards Points & NBA Live Coins.

So acutely I am demography the amiss approach, but with dribbling and layups as my primary abilities (and in the alpha the alone ones) I in fact don't apperceive how to play this player-type successfully. Conceivably added pick-and-rolls?

I try a lot of acid to the ambition afterwards the brawl and alarm for the canyon if I accept an accessible lane, but as I play on Superstar about all passes are intercepted.

Way too abounding defenders accomplish interceptions even if their backs are to the passer or they extend their accoutrements like Inspector Gadget.

Any tips and advice are abundantly appreciated.

UPDATE: Anyone who says he can bang-up adjoin the CPU on Superstar in the Alliance with a Slasher is a lying sack of shit. I jacked my Layup appraisement to 93, abused the hell out of pick-and-roll or acclimated distill counters for a blow-by to get in to the lane 1-on-1 with a apostle and not a individual fucking layup went in unless the Euro Footfall action triggered.

Then again, it could be one's estimation of the chat dominate. In my endure bold I denticulate 42 credibility with 10 assists in an OT loss. But I don't feel like I "dominated" because my FG% was alone 36%.

There were so abounding arresting misses on accessible layups (open is about I suppose) including a attack anon beneath the ambition afterwards a backlash with not a individual apostle in the paint.

Started aggravating the Euro Footfall acknowledgment to your comment. It is bigger than I expected! Admitting in fact not a accepted band-aid as it doesn't plan in every situation.

It took a brace of annual to apprentice if to do the double-tap to activate the animation. Already I got that down I abstruse that it doesn't plan if carefully attentive while entering the paint.

But if you accept a lane to the bassinet and some big guy is there cat-and-mouse for you, the Euro Footfall leaves him on the bargain end of a highlight reel.

I don't apperceive if this is normal, but if I admission the acrylic from the ancillary and double-tap, I get a blatant douse even admitting dunks aren't yet a allotment of my accomplishment set. And I accept yet to get one of those dunks blocked.

The Floater has yet to do annihilation for me. It is still a low allotment attack for me. Maybe I am not application it correctly. I do get the action though.