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Jun-14-2017 Categories: news

Would it be a acceptable abstraction to body the 99 Curry and resell? I can body him but if I do it would leave me broke, did anyone abroad body him to sell?

Build him and advertise him afterwards the set expires! Will acceleration in bulk cuz he is the best amateur accessible in that spot!

Too bad all the Coins and players will be wiped anon from servers...Why do you still play this bold if you don't ambition a reset?

I beggarly ppl did say we get to accumulate some players.

Say you buy 100 NBA Finals aristocratic players @ 200k Coins anniversary (estimated boilerplate price), that totals to about 20,000,000 NBA Live Mobile coins.

You'd acquire to advertise him at 25-35 actor coins, to see a acceptable profit. I'd rather accumulate him. It's the max OVR for that position with an alarming appropriate ability.

That said, LeBron should've been the amateur of the game, not Curry.

Lebron absent the game. and his aegis wasnt what u would apprehend in an abolishment game.

100 aristocratic players? You alone charge 50 Cheap NBA Coins.

My apologies. You're correct. It'll be 50 * 200 (elites) additional 50 * 5500 (golds). Do the algebraic and you still acquire to advertise him over 15 mil.