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Jul-19-2017 Categories: news

Best way to get Supremacy LeBron James? I saw the supremacy Live accident today and I was just wondering.

How do I get that Lebron James. I'm missing like 5 supremacy collectibles and I just accumulate accepting dupes. I've approved endless times and my luck has just been terrible. Do any of you acquire any tips for me?

I acquire at atomic 45 duplicates. I've alone bare Arresting Airy for months. I do whatever I charge to get the objectives backbone refill, and all added backbone goes to Supremacy with no luck.

You can aswell try your luck with the collectibles exchange. The set is beneath the upgrades tab.

You can bullwork for your pieces or buy a clover. If you really2x wish Sup LBJ... you can buy a clover in AH. But it now costs a lot! Acceptable luck with your NBA Live coins!

And Iverson is one of my admired players. Is his 99 all-embracing agenda annual it? I acquire about 1.5mil and already acquire a lot of of Iverson's set done but I charge a few added elites.

I acquire a 90 all-embracing calendar but I could use the Coins to advancement my two-way and shooting.

I wouldn't even acquire to use all of my Coins to get Iverson but could use a lot of them to advancement my lineups.

Two-way: 91 Westbrook 87 Tyreke Evens 89 Hayward 93 Davis 87 Stoudamire.

Shooting: 94 Nash 90 Reddick 85 Pierce 93 Aldridge 86 Ewing.

If you don't play LxL and don't charge 5 able lines, I don't see any botheration in accepting Iverson, if you wish him for accepting a fan.

Build a acceptable aggregation about him and acquire fun.

But...If you are in a alive league, I assumption you should use your Coins to advancement appropriately all 5 lines.

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