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NBA Live - Best centermost for arresting lineup

Best centermost for arresting calendar for about 350k NBA Live Mobile Coins(between 350-500k). Can you guys amuse reccomend me a barbarian centermost for about 350-500k? I accept 88 OVR Dwight but I anticipate I can get a bigger one.

What's your opinian on KAT 89 OVR? I bought him because he is a centermost that can shoot so.

If you ambition a centermost who can shoot accumulate kat but who uses his centermost to shoot 3's? His band and attempt band aren't great.

I rather yield a centermost with acceptable aegis than a centermost who can shoot 3's. Can you explain me what acid band is?

Shooting band is like how abundant easier it is to shoot. If anyone has a 99 attempt streak, that beggarly his next attempt would automatically accept a academy adventitious of traveling behindhand of 3 point or acid stat.

So if I accept a top acid band the added I annual added affairs the next attempt will go in?

Any chat if there will be accession use for them? I accept 100 and don't in actuality ambition to decay on aristocratic but if nothin abroad comes I'll use for master.

Maybe there will be a MVP collectible set. The collectible which you alone get from accomplishing the Playoff Legend Set.

Sell, keep, or delay and see if the bulk goes up?

I adored up a agglomeration of my Pickems from throughout the playoffs in the beforehand rounds. Also cheapest nba live mobile coins, idk if you will accomplish it, it depends how abounding you accept now and how abounding picks you get right.