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Jun-20-2017 Categories: news

Has anyone been banned with no admonishing or notice? I've emailed EA and even phoned them but they haven't done annihilation for a week.

It's in actuality arresting because I had over a 100 pickems larboard that i didn't get a adventitious to redeem.

I don't anticipate I've played alfresco the rules and I don't accept the adeptness to cheat.

For the endure brace of weeks, I've had this bug area if I was affiliated to wifi, it would accord me an absurdity if I was starting the bold adage Network is Appropriate and it wouldn't let me log in.

However if I switched to data, I logged in just fine, and afterwards the login I could affix aback to wifi and abide playing.

Now, it wont let me admission the login page if I am affiliated to wifi, and if I am affiliated to abstracts it says my annual is banned.

Maybe the connected change in the way I accessed it acquired the ban?

I haven't been banned from the accomplished bold but for the endure 5 canicule I've been banned from the Auction House, in that I've been clumsy to buy or bid on anything. I've aswell emailed and buzz EA and they haven't done shit.

Frustrating for me too as this happened in actuality the day I awash 97 Shaq and was cat-and-mouse for a lower priced KAT to drop, so now I'm ashore with 10 actor NBA Live Coins and a gold at centermost in my Arresting lineup.

The day afore this happened I confused from Florida to California, so I anticipate the move triggered this "ban". Not abiding why though.

I assumption this affective affair isn't the acumen for your ban. In abounding leagues humans use to play in added people's accounts and annihilation happens.

Yea, they should atleast accord a warning, apprehension or reason. My annual just beeline up got banned and I in actuality don't wish to restart.