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Jan-10-2018 Categories: news

Been arena NBA Live Ultimate Team and everything's been abundant but now the items that didn't advertise in auctions that are in my Advertise Pile will not do anything.

When I bang on a amateur and bulk it either gives me an absurdity bulletin or it doesn't do anything. It had advanced been working of NBA Live Mobile Coins.

Anyone apperceive what to do? I've approved resetting my bold and Xbox but it's still not working.

It still works. What anytime you put in the 1st time afore the absurdity bulletin will get posted, you just don't see it move down.

When its in this state, if you column anon from your inventory, you don't even see it at all. Afresh admitting it is still posted.

When the auctions you can see end or sell, the torn ones move down. Any bargain that is not in the affairs tab that sells will not be apparent in your awash tab.

I confused all my asleep auctions aback to my inventory. From there I was able to bargain some accepting but it doesn't appearance up in my Items With/Without Bids.

So aback it doesn't appearance up anywhere you just acquire added credits all of the abrupt and you apperceive something sold?

Mine formed accomplished for several canicule but bygone started acting weird.

We're not abandoned indeed, adverse to what EA abutment told me if they approved to accusation me for this.

It's absolute annoying, but you can accumulate accomplishing your bazaar business, just not as calmly as before. Were you affairs and affairs a lot like me, afore those issues appeared?

It's apparently abundant to could cause an overload on MMOGO Co.ltd.. Anybody had been application the bazaar a lot, above-mentioned to experiencing this problem.

Could you amuse acquaint the devs about your issue? The added humans address this, the added affairs of accepting this anchored someday.