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NBA Live - Anyone apperceive an AH value

Got Isiah Thomas playoff collectible...anyone apperceive an AH value? Got it if I got TD5 Westbrook, as allotment of the achievements for 2017 playoffs.

I'm absurd traveling for Magic unless I abatement ass backwards into a agglomeration of these playoff collectibles.

So has anyone awash this or apperceive a value. None on the bargain block that I've seen.

You apparently acclimated the amiss filter. You charge to attending afterwards "playoff" and afresh you will see all playoff moments.

I filtered by collectibles and playoffs....there is nothing. Not the affairs playoffs. The name playoff area you commonly put in the players name.

Rest of my DEF calendar is TDK Westbrook (91, anon 93), AS Thomas (87), TOTW Jokic (83), OOP Lebron (85).

I await heavily on 3points and Hayward is bigger at that but Leonard looks like an upgrade. Plus, I can advertise Hayward if I end up with Kawhi, achievement he's not nerfed.

Sell Hayward and advancement your PF. CH Beasley is consistently a appropriate option. Cat-and-mouse for FF Outlaw or TH Nowitzki. Jokic has been acutely reliable.

Kawhi is an advancement defensively. He has appropriate 3pt cutting and he's absolute acceptable as a midrange scorer. Plus, you accept Westbrook giving him boosts. So accumulate Kawhi and advertise Hayward.

I would accumulate Leonard. He is chargeless and aswell I don't anticipate you charge that abounding 3 shooters on your team.

Especially on arresting calendar I would absolutely anticipate you would ambition the added def from Leonard.

I acclimated to get all acceptable 3point shooters but NBA Live Mobile Coins started to apprehend it is bigger to accept abandoned one or two per calendar and afresh get bigger def/re-bounders to get them the brawl aback more.