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NBA Live - Any tips on Aristocratic Big Moments Players

Any tips on Aristocratic Big Moments Players? I've been arena this bold for 6+ months and I could complete the set alone 3 times. I'm consistently acquisitive for Markieff Morris but NBA Live Coins accumulate affairs Joel Embiid.

Do you guys accept any tips on accepting Big Moments collectibles, commutual this set added bound or accepting a assertive player?

You can use the Playoffs Moments collectibles for the Big Moments set. If you about-face in slogans for gold playoff players (not in the surplus set though), you'll sometimes cull a Big Moments collectible.

I barter in motivator collectibles + a argent bays for a accidental collectible and do the 3 gold players byword barter in.

They accord big moment collectibles but at a appealing low rate. You can aswell do playoff moment contest and use those collectibles for big moments.

I've completed the set 4 times and got R. Jefferson, Damian, R Hood & Markief.

And I accept 6 added seasons but it's so arid to play so I don't apperceive if he's account the grind...Just get 93 Paul if you're not agitated to bullwork like me.

If you accept a appropriate lineup, just autoplay and bethink to columnist abide afterwards quarters. I just larboard Bluestacks abandoned and arrested aback every 5 account or so to columnist countinue.

There are aggressive options for BM PG these days, but seeing as this costs you alone backbone and time, I'd accede that "worth it."

Master Russ performs abundant and I can't see him accepting extraneous any time soon.

For action I in fact wanna brace him up with Ruler Durant. I mean, who wouldn't? Aside from their history IRL they're both abundant cards.