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NBA Live - AH at altered times of the day

Is there a bigger time of the day to buy vs sell? I've noticed some big players accepting cheaper in the morning and ascent in the afternoon. Has anyone abroad noticed any time trends?

I plan the AH every day at atomic 3 times affairs players. And 4 or 5 times on weekends, if I accept the able time.

I'm in Brazil (GMT -3 / 1 hour beneath than NYC) and the bigger time to SELL players is from 9 AM to 3 PM. From 3 PM to 1 AM is ok. From 1 AM to 8 PM is terrible. I assumption the asians don't like to buy from me or anticipate my prices are too high.

Weekends are alarming everytime, except - afresh - from 1 AM to 8 AM.

Because kids are in school, and already academy is out, they get on and ambition to get their calmly on this 94 Lebron they've been extenuative up for.

Do you anticipate it's annual traveling for the fifth akin TDK? I in actuality like the +4 upgrades for my arresting agency but I'm not abiding whether 9 elites are annual the added step, abnormally aback he'll still be unauctionable.

What do you guys think?

I accept about 860k NBA Live Mobile coins. Dunno if I should delay it out or just go for him. I still charge the elites (5 to be exact), I already accept Ibaka (dunno if I should barter him though.

It's pricey, but he's a beast! Totally depends on how abounding bill you accept though.

Also bethink you accept some time to body him still. I've got him about complete by just amphitheatre the contest and sometimes affairs golds for the byword pack.

If you're absent to try and body him just affectionate of do it over time.

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