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Jun-08-2017 Categories: news

How is the Supremacy Lebron Completion compared to accolade winners? I am currently 5 abroad from accepting him, just apprehensive if the backbone decay is account it in the continued run based on the RNG.

You accept added adventitious to get the missing pieces during contest like playoffs.

I got my endure supremacy collectible during Christmas contest with the xmas present thing, and during this playoff contest I got the endure collectible for AW from east/west amateur set.

Supremacy Lebron is way bigger than the AW amateur all calm to me. I just got him endure week. Acceptable luck and may RNGesus be with you.

Supremacy accident is the affliction RNG ever. Accept over a 100 dupes and been cat-and-mouse on the endure one for weeks.

I anticipate I had him aural a few months of starting to play, if I was aggravating to body an AW I'd still be cat-and-mouse on one of the collectibles to accomplishment Curry, Kwahi was the alone one I anytime completed.

You in fact charge RNGesus for it. I've been ashore with one collectible larboard for like two months now. Appealing depressing.

That in fact hurts then, and theres not even an barter like wtf.

If you go to Sets > Upgrades, there is a Collectible Barter set. It's all altered collectibles but Supremacy collectibles bead there too. Bigger than nothing.

I was ashore on fast breach but i got a clover for 250k NBA Coins.

I'd get one too if they weren't 1.5m+ NBA Live Coins. Should accept got them while they were in baskets for the easter promo.