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It began with a hip analysis that took out Boston Celtics bouncer Shane Larkin in the closing abnormal of the aboriginal quarter, a aces by Joel Embiid that was delivered with such attention of NBA Live Coins that the assets bouncer anon larboard the cloister and never returned.

It connected just account afterwards as Embiid and Celtics point bouncer Terry Rozier got circuitous up while angry for the basketball, arch to what looked like a bite befuddled at the Sixers center.

And it accomplished a acme backward in the third division if Embiid got circuitous up with Boston's Marcus Morris, an barter that concluded with the Celtics advanced captivation up three fingers to let anybody apperceive the bulk of wins the Celtics had in the alternation traveling into Monday.

Playing at a grind-it-out clip is not Philadelphia's style: Drillmaster Brett Brown prefers the fast, corybantic clip that generally ends with his aggregation jacking up quick 3-pointers. But Embiid laid the copse on the Celtics in the 103-92 win by the Sixers on Monday, and in accomplishing so he adored Philadelphia from an awkward second-round sweep.

Embiid didn't shoot the brawl well: He denticulate 15 credibility (6-of-15 from the field). But he affective 15 rebounds and, admitting not accepting any blocks, was alive and concrete on both ends.

"They were physical, they were tough," said Boston drillmaster Brad Stevens. "We absent our poise, and that had a lot to do with Philadelphia. They formed on us."

Embiid's harder aces on Larkin agape the Celtics advancement bouncer out with a larboard accept injury. He never alternate to the calendar and will be evaluated Tuesday.

The affray with Rozier came two account into the additional division if Embiid approved to get the brawl from the Celtics bouncer afterwards a Boston turnover. Rozier stepped to Embiid and appeared to bandy two punches at the Sixers center. But afterwards an official review, neither amateur was befuddled out, and both Embiid and Rozier accustomed abstruse fouls.

"He approved to bite me in my face," Embiid said. "Too bad he's so abbreviate that he couldn't get to my face. I didn't accept why it was a bifold technical, because I was just aggravating to get the ball. He was the one aggravating to swing."

Later in the third quarter, Embiid challenged a Morris layup and may accept gotten a little physique afterwards the Celtics advanced fell to the arena on the miss. Embiid gave a blaze at Morris that would accept fabricated ex-Sixers centermost Dikembe Mutombo, who was sitting courtside, proud.

The two players kept jawing over the next brace of account and into a timeout. That's if Morris flashed three fingers, the assurance of how abounding amateur the Celtics were up in the series.

Sixers point bouncer Ben Simmons explained it this way: "Jo's a beast. For anyone to annul him and get beneath his skin, I just anticipate the aftereffect is that he's traveling to go harder."

On a night breadth Dario Saric led the Sixers in scoring with 25 credibility and T.J. McConnell denticulate a career-high 19 credibility in replacing Robert Covington in the starting lineup, Embiid's concrete contributions accustomed the concrete attributes of Monday's win.

That concrete play agape the Celtics off their rhythm. Morris, Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart anniversary had 5 fouls for the Celtics, and Jayson Tatum, who led the aggregation with 20 points, best up three fouls by halftime (including two quick fouls in the aperture minutes).

The Sixers fabricated an accomplishment aboriginal to get inside, and that showed in the team's ascendancy in credibility in the acrylic (a 52-30 advantage for Philadelphia).

Still, the team's assurance on the 3-point attempt fabricated admirers nervous. With a 10-point advance backward in the fourth quarter, both J.J. Redick and Embiid launched aboriginal 3s, the affectionate of quick breach that accustomed Boston to arise aback from a 22-point deficit in the bold and affected a brawl of Sixers errors in the overtime win in Bold 3.

"How are we traveling to score?" Brown said afterwards the game. "Joel at times ends up accepting the accessible answer, but we go central to accomplish 3s."

That's a aesthetics that ability ultimately doom the Sixers. The actuality that they Live to see accession day will be accustomed to McConnell's career night in sparking the offense.

But afore the Sixers bouncer got untracked, Embiid set the tone. Embiid showed up at the postgame account appointment cutting what appeared to be a simple white T-shirt.

Only if he got up to leave was the bulletin Embiid capital to bear revealed:

"History will be retweeted."

While the Sixers could calmly be up 3-1 in this series, it's ambiguous they can accomplish history by acceptable the aboriginal aggregation to arise aback from a 3-0 arrears to win an NBA playoff series.

The Sixers face their additional abolishment bold on Wednesday.

"We apperceive Bold 5 will be physical, we apperceive what to expect," Embiid said. "We accept to go there and handle our business."