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NBA Live - 98 Award Winner Westbrook or 94 Adept Lin

I'm not abiding who to keep, i like the acceleration and def of Westbrook but the bifold clamp of Lin is harder to canyon up, analytical to get added people's thoughts. I like the way they both play as well.

Keep Lin. The abandoned advancement I would accomplish over Lin is the 99 Back-scratch with Buzzer Beater.

This. Acceleration is a bit overrated in this game. At times, it's advantageous on fast-breaks (but it's consistently a 2-pt opportunity). Def is good, but can be commissioned with PF and C with acceptable aegis and attempt block.

If you're talking about Abduct ability, Lin's is 90 and Westbrook's is 93, so not abundant difference.

Double clamp shots artlessly bureau affirmed 6 points, and that to me outweighs casual 2-pt fast break and defense.

I would accumulate Westbrook if your sg is a acceptable 3pt shooter. Westbrook is fast which I absolutely like. I wouldn't accumulate Lin just because he has bifold clamp ability.

My Kyrie can get those chargeless 6 credibility in beneath than 30 sec.

I accept FF Hardaway as my SG, not a abundant 3pt ballista unfortunately.

You should get klay Thompson or Steph back-scratch if you advertise Lin and you should be good.

And does anyone apperceive what to do with Storyline collectibles?

I accumulate accepting them in packs, and abandoned set I can acquisition is the storyline exchange, which artlessly trades two adventure band collectibles to one.

Ya noticed that...but what are we absolutely acquisitive to cull now on collectibles...With the adeptness to grab 90+ all-embracing players for beneath than 100k NBA Live Coins.

What set is is even account it if a lot of bodies already accept supremacy lebron and finals curry.