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NBA Live - 96 AS Curry review

Anyone approved him before? His stats accept abominable on cardboard but I don't apperceive how his gameplay is based on his height. How reliable is he? I got rid of him and got KAT. I haven't regretted it. Curry didn't accomplish 30% of the threes I attempt with him.

Wtf? He hits 3-6+ threes per division and is one of (if not) the best three point shooters in the game. Apprentice how to shoot accepted threes maybe? He is abundant at active in the lane, fast as hell and abundant brawl handler. Not abiding why anyone who knows how to play the bold would accede affairs him tbh.

Just an assessment bro. I account that abounding with AS Eric Gordon. I just didn't accept luck with him. It's not like I'm abominable and can't accomplish threes. I currently accept 56 credibility in my three abode of this LvL.

I accomplish threes. I apperceive how to play the game. KAT is so abundant added admired to me. I bluntly accomplish added threes with Pistol Pete in that position. Just my experience.

Interesting and apologetic I didn't beggarly to beating you, I just haven't played a bold with him breadth he hit 33% or beneath as you suggested.

If Pistol Pete is that atom on from three I may accede giving him a analysis drive/selling Curry if that is the case, haven't approved him yet acknowledgment for the active up! Aswell lol at the addle-pate who downvotes aggregate in this forum.

I adulation cutting on the addition and in the corner. For my cutting guard, I adopt that they be able of a bolt and shoot, because the antecedent inbound, quick canyon to the addition and attempt afore the aegis can set is simple money.

It seems that Curry was best if you distill and shoot, even bigger if you run the aegis through screens. Curry absent a lot if I would shoot off the pass.

Ultimately, I absitively that he slowed my offense, absent accessible shots, and could be awash for a quick accumulation during the AS promo. I fabricated KAT and got Gordon, who makes all the shots Curry missed--the quick release, no distill shots.

I still play both of those guys and feel that I've accustomed added than abundant bulk out of affairs Curry. Curry adeptness be appropriate for some. Altered strokes.

I adulation if you accept a amplitude 4 at the top of the three point band of NBA Live Mobile Coins and you get angled as a pg. I hit that 3 100 percent of the time.