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NBA Live - 94 Tracy Mcgrady review

MMOGO NBA Live Mobile


I was asked to analysis the 94 OVR winter adept Tracy Mcgrady in a cilia I acquaint earlier, so I went into the bargain abode and bought one for 2.4 mil for my baby brawl lineup.


Mid Ambit Shooting

94 Mcgrady has one of the best shots in this game, with a absurd cull up jumper thats basically automated even if you get a bad release. This accumulated with his armory of column fades and spins accomplish him one of the best mid ambit shooters in this game. All-embracing I would accord him a 10/10 in this class because I anticipate I absent one attack with him from midrange throughout bisected a division of division admission and 20 or so h2h quarters.

3 Point Shooting

An breadth area Mcgrady aswell excels is from alfresco the arc, breadth he is abundant but boilerplate abreast automated like in the midrange. If you get a 10% release, afresh you're about affirmed to annual if you're accessible and accept a abundant adventitious if you're contested. 6% releases are acceptable but boilerplate abreast as acceptable as the Klays and Currys of this game.


Mcgrady can bang it down that's for sure, and he gets a agglomeration of favorable animations in the acrylic for dunks. He doesnt absence dunks either, acceptation he is one of the best in the acrylic SG I've used.

Clutch Ability

Mcgrady has the clamp ability, with his breadth on the appropriate ancillary of the 3pt line. The adeptness is absolute advantageous and IMO bigger than Buzzer Beater as it has a abundant faster recharge time with a best window. Its a appropriate adeptness so it in actuality cant be a negative.


Mcgrady has some awful handles, with an abnormally apple-pie circuit move that is an capital allotment of his adeptness to drive to the hoop. Allegedly one of his best traits.


Defence and Height

Mcgrady gets a aloof actuality not because its bad, but because it doesnt feel like He's 6'8". He got blocked assorted times during my time arena with him whoch is dissapointing, abnormally if its addition abate SG blocking him.

Defensively he uses that 6'8" to his abounding advantage, blocking lots of drives by abate guards. He gets steals occasionally, but not a crazy bulk and he rebounds a little but not as abundant as a 6'8" SG should.



On the attenuate break breadth I collection in with Mcgrady and didnt get a dunk, he was unsatisfactory. He has an odd addiction of sending a layup off the foreground of the rim, which would be accomplished if it didnt appear so often.

The botheration is it happens a lot, but a lot of of the time you will be ablution anyhow so It doesn't matter.

Conclusion and TL;DR

Concluding Statement

Overall while Mcgradys agenda played cool for me, I still wouldnt pay the 2 or so actor Coins to use this agenda unless you arent application supremacy Lebron and ambition a appropriate ability. I would accord this agenda a 93/100 but a 72/100 for the price.

Selection Of Highlights

Here are some of Mcgradys highlights from 3 division amateur that I recorded imgur.com/gallery/UyRAF

If you ambition me to analysis a card, say so in the comments below. I dont accept that big a account so I'm alone reviewing mid-high bank players from 300k-2.5 mil NBA Live Mobile Coins on AH1.