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Jul-24-2017 Categories: news

Thoughts On NBA LIVE 18 Classic System? Should 2K Yield Notes? I anticipate it's appealing interesting. I kinda like how accomplishing assertive things in amateur gives you a addition on attributes.

An unrealistic "grand brand style" blazon boost? That charcoal to be seen. Also, they accept a primary and accessory playstyle, which i've been adage for the longest that 2K should accept if it comes to archetypes.

I aint gone lie, if i looked at Live's circuit on "the classic system", it kinda makes me wanna buy the game.

But afresh again, it all comes down to gameplay with Live to me, and from the attending of things, the amateur animations and movement still attending too annealed and not bland abundant imo, that's consistently been Live's botheration that they can't assume to fix.

Anyway, what yall think? I anticipate this arrangement is in actuality cool. Basically the bifold classic arrangement but with a little beneath customisation. But I'd yield this arrangement over the one 2k has.

It's in actuality amusing how that's not accessible in this game.

One of the a lot of simple basketball concepts and they go with baffled badges like affairs up from bisected cloister instead of accepting able to consistently accomplish 3s and alcove lmao.

Right? I anticipate one of the best things that Live is accomplishing is accepting able to advance attributes by PLAYING. I abhorrence that 2k, you gotta"practice" and afresh buy your improvements.

It would be in actuality air-conditioned if, for example, your 3&D guy averages 1.x steals and shoots aloft 40% per bold to advance those attributes.

Like dude... Fuck is that 2K... Affairs everything.

How are they declared to accomplish a antic bulk money if we can finer bullwork in bold lol.

They accept bags of ways, but I abhorrence that convalescent your my amateur is one of them. 2K can abandoned fix their servers on myteam money alone, but they're aloft and above greedy.

They aswell advertised convalescent your attributes in the gym, but they larboard out the VC part. Live showed a baby blow of convalescent afterwards practices and games.

Exactly, in the endure Live, amphitheatre their Online Pro Am, Be A Pro (or whatever it was named), becoming accomplishment points, absolute simple to get to an 80.

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