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NBA Live 18 - The 24s has been the hardest though

When I started NBA live, I played a ton of the PRO-AM accepting with my Column Anchor... not acumen how abundant of a affliction it would be to complete abounding of the challenges. Specifically annihilation involving steals.

The 24s has been the hardest though.


My guy is slow. The AI aegis is terrible. The opposing aggregation is absolutely good. It's allegedly taken 30-40 games, maybe added to achieve this. At least, AT LEAST 20-30 times breadth the 24s buzzer went off.

Fact 1) You charge to block the attempt to achieve it appear as a PA.

Tip 1) You charge to play bound aegis on your guy, R2 on the PS4. What I've noticed, is this this somehow switches up the way both AI's work. Your guys play tighter defense. The opposing AI is beneath acceptable to accompany it central until the clock starts accepting low.

Tip 2) As the alarm gets down, you charge to let up on your guy a little bit, a lot of of the time, their 5 (Drummond?) will bureaucracy a aces as the alarm starts ambagious down with the brawl abettor calmly accepting about his defender. You charge to switch quickly.

Tip 3) Get acceptable at blocking. If they get the attempt off, it's hitting the rim. I've never had them absence the rim. You accept to block it.

Tip 4) You're traveling to hit so abounding abutting calls it's ridiculous. Like your guys acrimonious up a blocked attempt just as the buzzer goes off. Already I've blocked a ball, it went out of bound with 1 additional left, and somehow it hit Artest as it went out. I've aswell credible alleyway oops befuddled with about a additional larboard as I've switched off to Harden or whomever has the brawl and larboard my guy unguarded. It's frustrating, but not account accepting pissed over.

Tip 5) Avoid breach completely. I could barber an added 1-2 abnormal off of the alarm by absolution anybody get down the cloister and auctioning it abounding court. Generally, they cantankerous the cloister at 20 seconds, vs about 21 abnormal if they inbound. This additional matters.

Tip 6) As a PA don't bother with on brawl aegis if they inbound. You'll be too apathetic to get aback to position a lot of of the time and if this happens, it seems the CPU is added advancing with their play style. As I said earlier, if you play bound aegis on their ancillary of the court, it seems like they carefully apathetic aggregate down. I've attempted this claiming abundant to see it happen.

Tip 7) Don't do PRO-AM as a PA. Go addition defender. I was too backward to apprehend this. I bet I could accept had the 24s aural 5 amateur as a addition defender.

I just charge to advance a bold in steals... all the added challenges are cake. I'll get my artery Legend and move on! (I accept every area 100% except for John Wall which seems to be bugged, NBA Live 18 Coins and the Drew)