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Sep-08-2017 Categories: news

Anybody abroad try the 2K commencement and animated they’re traveling with NBA Live this year? Aggravating not to be a fanboy, but I just did not adore 2K that much.

Feels like addition abominable adventure mode. It aswell seems like they’re accepting a agitated abroad with charging VC for every little thing. All-embracing it just wasn’t as fun as NBA Live. Thoughts?

2K Commencement was over absorbed and I feel that's what aching the audience (that and just 1 play through per character).

I like the way the players move, the new physics are a nice feel, and the new camera bend is nice but both will accept to yield accepting use to in the 2K setting.

The cut scenes were Atrocious! Anyone accomplish a 7 footer, max weight? Well- in cut scenes you are aback to 6ft, 190lbs...smh...it's not the articulation acting, or adventure that is blench worthy...it's bits like THAT!

I'm a basketball fan, so I ambition the best basketball bold accessible - I will aces up both and play area anytime I am bare by my squad.

I'm not into the accomplished altercation of this looks real, or that looks cartoony...If it LOOKS GOOD TO ME...that's enough.

People get themselves so aerated up in a aberration about which is BETTER...I will adore them both for what they are (as connected as they are playable).

I'll prob get 2K on release, but I'm aflame for Live as well. Looks like I'm just arena 2K on mycareer for badges on mute. I feel the amphitheater is traveling to get dried eventually.

I’m acrid aF that the agenda download for NBA Live isn't playable until 11AM EDT, meanwhile did you preorder 2K18?

For me what turns me off about 2k is it's tackiness. The presentation is trash. Awe-inspiring cartoonish fonts forth ancillary with the abhorrent hud.

Just accomplish it simple yet tasteful not some fucking graffiti actualization designs. It's a awe-inspiring affair to ache about NBA Live 18 Coins, I apperceive lmao.