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Oct-12-2017 Categories: news

Is there a way to about-face off sim to next actualization in the league? I'm on the Bulls, and adjoin acceptable teams like OKC for example, if I'm in the bold we are usually up by like 15-20 pts. I get subbed out in the 3rd and afresh sim to next appearance.

When I get put in, we are down by 5pts with like 30 abnormal larboard in the fourth. This happened assorted times abnormally adjoin teams like Cleveland or OKC.

The AI can be in actuality bad in this bold if it comes to not abandoned your teammates but the apprenticeship as well.

The abandoned way would be to access your anniversary by accepting 100 assistant brand and accepting a top overall.

I am the starting point guard. The affair for me isn't so abundant the anniversary I'm getting, but rather I get subbed out if we are up by 20 adjoin acceptable teams like OKC and Spurs, afresh if I get subbed aback in afresh there's abandoned like 30 seconds larboard in the 4th division and we are down by 5.

If I am the accomplished scorer and I hover about 95-100 assistant grade, you would anticipate that if it's a authentic simulation the AI would've subbed my amateur in continued afore the end of the game.

I noticed in years accomplished games, its all on timing, fouls, and alteration your timeouts to manual. Like if you drive the brawl about the time they are traveling to yield you out and you get befuddled acid afresh they would overlook about you until the next cycle, usually if the brawl went out of bounce.

Timeouts alleged by you can accord you a little bit of added time but not a accomplished lot. I'm just still mad we can't do two bodies on it.

And I'm admiring the gameplay in Nba Live but we're traveling arise a ages aback its absolution and the actuality that 90% of my h2h amateur end up with the absent affiliation absurdity is in actuality starting to irk me bad. EA says annihilation in commendations to this and its bs!

Their abridgement of accuracy and what feels like a abridgement of association assurance is something I mentioned in the survey. I’m not even abiding if they accept a association manager.

At atomic they're allurement what we think. I was blessed to get that email and gave them affluence of insight.

Still, it would accept been nice if it was an accessible survey, NBA Live 18 Coins rather than a clandestine one as I got no email.