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NBA Live 18 - I looked at a Live game

I adulation the way the bold is searching personally. A lot of the animations attending added like accepting that happens in absolute activity compared to 2k. Crossovers and layups abnormally are added realistic.

But what the fuck is up with their ratings? Lmao.

How is Anthony Davis an 88 all-embracing while Deandre Jordan is aswell a 88? And how is AD's appraisement lower than Giannis, Kyrie, and Klay Thompson?

Also, how is Harden's appraisement academy than Lebron's?

That's my one absolute ache with the gameplay I've seen. Anthony Davis just averaged 28-12 while accepting a top 5 apostle in the NBA and he lower rated than guys who aren't even the aboriginal advantage on their teams? Get outta here.

Edit: Lmfao he's the aforementioned appraisement as Kemba Walker.

They allegedly do some awe-inspiring accepting in the accomplishments with the ratings. That's the atomic of my concern. If that's the bigger complaint you can accomplish that's abundant news.

I bethink accepting in actuality aghast by their appraisement arrangement the endure time I looked at a Live game. Alfresco of MyTEAM this year 2K's appraisement arrangement is abundant bigger from what I've seen.

I in actuality in actuality admired their online ratings in the endure bold because a lot of the cards weren't abundantly baffled like in 2k.

Players could do the things they were declared to do in actuality able-bodied and were in actuality bad at the things they were declared to be bad at.

But appear on. That is such a joke. Kemba fucking Walker has a appraisement that is according to Anthony Davis? A guy who is about top 10 at his position has the aforementioned appraisement as a top 5 amateur in all of the NBA?

A guy who is primarily a scorer at 23 ppg on 56.9 TS% is the aforementioned appraisement as a guy averaging 28 ppg on 58 TS% authoritative him a top 5 scorer in the league, as able-bodied as a top 5 apostle and a top 5 rebounder?

It just makes in actuality no sense. Added than that they assume ok, Cheap NBA Live 18 Coins but that's just such a audacious aperture in their ratings.